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ATTENTION!!! The EH&S “online” claritynet training system is currently not in service due to our transition to the new user friendly and improved EH&S eLearning system.  All EH&S “classroom” training are being offered and provided as usual. During this time, EH&S will only be providing the safety courses listed below:
 Construction - Electrical Safety
Construction - Fall Protection
Construction - Ladder Safety
Construction - Material Handling
Construction - OSHA Requirements
Construction - Personal Protective Equipment
Construction - Power Tool Safety
Construction - Scaffold Safety
Animal Care Safety
EPA: Hazardous Waste Handling
Fire Safety
Laboratory Risk Assessment
Laser Safety
Radiation Safety
Recycling Procedures
Safe Handling of BioMedical Waste
Safe Use of Biosafety Cabinets
Spill Control
Tool Safety
Laboratory Safety Awareness Training click link to complete training  http://ehs.fiu.edu/Training/Pages/Lab-Safety-Training.aspx
Please contact the training coordinator at 305-348-1421 or by email: ehstrain@fiu.edu if you have additional questions. 

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